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This Survey will take about 5 minutes.  At the end you will have a much better
understanding of where your company is doing well and where they can improve.
Successful multi touch campaigns often require coordination between a number of departments. These are the basic building blocks for leveraging data across all buyer touch points
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For the vast majority of our customers, this is the basic customer data your company should maintain and already have. Virtually all campaigns, regardless of what you do or sell, begin with an accurate, up to date database.

With all of the advertising clutter and options prospects have to consume information (print, electronic etc), personalization, the leveraging of content, offers and imagery not only improves awareness, it is becoming an expected part of a customer experience.  With relevant data driven content, you catch the attention and begin your customer customer experience; making it more convenient and easy to engage. Now is the time to start a strategy of building a healthy, intelligent database that drives the insights you need to improve your campaign performance.

Do you regularly update your database? (at least 1x a year)

About 4% of the US relocates every year, businesses open and close, consolidate etc. Depending on your industry and client personas (types), databases can change at a much faster pace. If it were the only thing you did and all things equal, eliminating undeliverable mail/email will lower your campaign cost and improve your response rate. There are numerous strategies you can employ on an ongoing basis to both maintain and update your database.  It is important to be agile and market when opportunities present themselves. You can only optimize those opportunities with an up to date, well-organized database.

Do you do any data modeling (or appending ?)

Great. But we also see many customers who have become complacent in what they model and segment. Depending on your size and staffing, other priorities can often conceal simple insights that can be missed during the drill of getting a catalog or campaign ready. Could you benefit from a fresh set of eyes from a fresh perspective?

We all know it is easier to sell more to an existing customer than to acquire a new customer. It should therefore hold true that with the right strategic insight and resources, understanding and replicating the attributes of your best customers should create a model you can test can execute with good level of predictability.  Additionally, appending (adding or deleting publically known information) to your existing database provides additional intelligence to contour your messaging and offers.

Do you have a control group (do A/B split testing?)

The top marketers in the world do this.  TEST, TEST...and more TESTING!  But you knew this!

According the DMA 2015 study, the one common attribute of every top 500 corporate performers was testing, testing and more testing. Whether done internally or outsourced, the cost benefit of A/B testing is typically not in question, The real effort is the analysis and building of multiple versions across multiple touch points.

is your digital marketing personalized?

Have you begun to leverage that data in your direct mail campaigns as well? Direct mail still performs 7x better than all digital touch points combined. Don’t you think its time to activate that data where it can perform best?

You are missing a tremendous opportunity to leverage you data to improve your customer experience and other sales opportunities at check out.  Make it easier for your clients to buy from you and bundle related products.

Do you have budgets for for PPC and other paid digital services?

Over 85% of businesspersons prefer to research on line a before engaging a sales rep. As a matter of fact over 50% of the searches are made on a smartphone. What about consumers? We think the evidence is pointing to the fact that business people are just consumers at work.  Therefore, multi touch marketing is about ensuring that your message is delivered to your buyers in the media format of their choice.

Do you offer 'related products' during the shopping cart process / check out process?

What is stopping you from leveraging that data for print as well? Showing related products has its on-line benefits. We also know that catalog buyers spend an average of 28% more than their online counterparts. What benefits could be realized if we drove the same data in coordination with the direct mail components?

Unless you sell only one product, in one color and size, we highly recommend that you begin a strategy to link associated or related products and services to the customer. Related products, at any stage in the sales process is the least expensive and best time to increase the shopping cart.

Do you have a shopping cart abandonment strategy?

At the very minimum, you should be tracking the on line analytics of your website to determine the true opportunity cost of where buyers are clicking off your site. With some basic Google analytics you can identify where buyers are losing interest including at check out. There are a number of very successful technologies and techniques focused on helping to get someone back to complete a transaction.

Direct Mail

Are you using 4/c to personalize your direct mail and catalogs?

Awesome! All that is left is to incrementally improve your direct mail conversion rates and revenue.  Customizing the print to drive a buyer to their personalized BridgePurl provides an enhanced personalized user experience.  At the same time, you are collecting digital DNA on all of the buyer’s on-line activity. Predicated on their activity, for virtually the same price as a stamp, your direct mail can trigger other messaging adding frequency without the cost of PPC.  You have gone the extra mile to add personalization to your catalog or direct mail, now enhance the customer experience by directing from a printed catalog or direct mail piece to a personalized micro site focused on them.

The need and level of personalizing is a function of  numerous factors including the value of your product (s), the lifetime value of a customer, the type of product (s) and how well they lend to different channels like social and other alternative marketing channels.

Social Media

Do you actively engage on Social Channels?

Great Job! There are many degrees of activating social media as part of a specific or ongoing campaign. Depending on the product and industry, from Linkedin  to Facebook, there must be sensitivity to the content, voice and messaging for each channel.

Depending on your product and industry, social media is an extraordinary place to leverage the informal relationships of others to help share your message.  But it needs content and strategically thought out content contoured for each touch point to be effective.

Which Ones

Corporate Readiness

Our CEO thinks Data Driven Marketing is an infringement on privacy.

85% of consumers say that personalization helps to inform their purchases.  Today, every person who owns a smart phone and clicked yes on “terms and conditions” has an unspoken agreement to share information in return for more relevant searches and other benefits the Internet provide. Properly activated, it is convenient and appreciated with improved response rates, building trust and shortening sales cycles.

Pick all of the barriers to testing variable data marketing

The theme of this question is about identifying “objections” that stop innovation and progress in an organization. Ten years ago, every one of the above issues was a valid point and was a risk for any marketer to take. Ten years later, the paradigm shift has gone from the technology not being ready for prime time, to technology now exceeding the ability of most catalogers to take advantage of it. There was an old adage that you needed to see the same commercial 12 times on TV before you became familiar enough to try the product. Chances are, that person will never see that commercial 12 times unless it has been repurposed on You Tube, posted on Facebook, part of a E marketing effort etc. There are many inexpensive ways of  testing and building your database as well as executing multi channel campaigns.

Do you feel that you collect a lot of data, but only scratch the surface of analyzing and activating against it?

Many catalog companies over the last 5 years or so have collected a variety of marketing and analytical tools that often sit underutilized or gather dust. Over 53% of marketers say the feel “overwhelmed” by the amount of data in their marketing technologies.  It’s understandable.  We think of it as an overgrown garden.  Under the weeds and brush there is plenty of data that can become the foundation for testing and building new techniques to serve your buyers.


Do you have content that is versioned by Persona

Great, and you know the importance and value of leveraging that content across multiple channels. Driving a buyer from a catalog to their personalized BridgePurl creates the opportunity to consolidate your messaging into one easy environment designed around your buyer’s preference.  Think about how you feel when you are a returning guest to a hotel, and they greet you by name.

You literally have seconds amid hundreds of emails and social interactions to attract the eye and then mindshare of a buyer. Then you have your hands full trying to keep that buyer emotionally subscribed to your content across multiple channels.  Welcome to the days of 140 character tweets, blogs, influencers, Instagram, Facebook, You Tube and more.

Do you currently deliver content that is easy to consume across Print, Digital and Mobile

In 2017, Google is making it harder for any companies that do not comply with being mobile friendly, employing AMP or miss using interstitials on their sites. While marketers are frustrated with Google’s 100 plus changes each year, the headline is the online strategy of 3 years ago will get you penalized in search results today.  Today, marketing is as much about gaining insights as it is about sales. Consumers and buyers have forced marketers to address their sales process.

It is important to do a complete audit of your strengths and weaknesses.  Early campaigns are focused on updating, adding and appending existing databases. The time to start is now.   The value of this audit is to highlight the growing importance of leveraging every piece of data to help influence buyer outcomes. The foundation of every successful campaign starts with good customer data, appropriate messaging by persona. It includes creative that leverages the benefits of personalization and the various media options for both consumers and B2B.   Since you have taken the time for this audit, chances are you are at some stage between interest, sticking your toe in the water or are successful online. You realize the strategic value of integrating that data across print and electronic media and you’re undoubtedly ready to take the next step.

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You have just taken a GIANT step towards improving the way you connect with and manage {{answer_40737312}}s customer relationships and buying cycle.

Someone from our team will be in touch to review this info with you.